Patriot Underground

Patriot Underground Episode 246

September 2, 2022

FBI Mar-a-Lago Photo Commentary
Legal Declassification Protocol
Staged Metaphor “Time”
Who Is “Framing” Who?
Compelling Delta Analysis
Front Door Opened; Warlike Posture Activated
“A Name To Remember” Vs “Trust Wray”
Asymmetric Warfare; Sabotage From Within
Trump’s Retruth Triggers MSNBC
Decoding The Optics
Israel on the 50 year Jubilee cycle
Zionists Masquerading As Jews
British Right To Rule Israel
Knights Of The Roundtable & The Antichrist
Diana’s Role As A Breeder
Thoughts On The Eve Of 9/3

Disclaimer: This podcast is for entertainment purposes only; Do your own research

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