Patriot Underground

Patriot Underground Episode 247

September 6, 2022

Derek Johnson Commentary
How The Bait Set The Traps
Establishing Legal Framework For COG & Devolution
Funding The CCP, Frozen Assets & CEO Resignations
EO 13919, 420 & McAfee’s Trolling
No Longer Kids By The Side of The Road
January 6th Cover For Federalization of NG
How Was Q Acquitted By Strategic Air Command?
Trump’s Second Inauguration 3/3/21
National Quantum Initiative & QF/VS
Decentralization Will Ensure Freedom
The Difficulty With Optics
Technology Advancement & Human Decline
Facebook Dopamine Feedback Manipulation
The Awakened As Leaders
Was The Inauguration A Funeral?
How the DS Still Wields Public Ignorance
Fake Biden Breakdown
The Gitmo Conundrum
Luring In The Usual Suspects
Preparations For Mass Arrests
Establishing Legal Precedents Prior To The Flip
Grid Collapse Imminent In CA
Jab Revelations: 50% of Toddlers Systemic Adverse Reactions
Biden Announces Annual Covid Shots
London Installs Chinese Facial Recognition LED Streetlamp's
Brandon Goes Full Hitler
Who The Green Light On Mar-a-Lago Raid?
Against All Odds

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