Patriot Underground

Patriot Underground Episode 248

September 9, 2022

London Bridge Has Fallen
1776 Days; No Coincidences
The Storm Has Arrived: Justice Is Coming
5D Chess Comms; Game Over
Major False Flag Event Imminent
Climate Change Narrative & Expected Blackouts
Preparing For The Near Death Experience
California Grids Failing
Will The Queen Maintain Her Public Legacy?
King Charles & Jimmy Seville
Exposure Will Dissolve The Monarchy
The Big Event & Bracing For Chaos
Mar-a-Lago Raid Intel
White Hat Infiltration Of UN & NATO
Iran Deal & Osama Bin Laden
Blackmailing Obama; FBI Fishing For Evidence
US Army Transfers Satellite Ops To Space Force
A Tactical Trump Arrest
FBI Covering Up CCP Coders At Konnech
Disgraced Agent Buried Hunter’s Laptop
Zuckerberg’s Admits To Election Tampering
Pope Dissolves Knights Of Malta
Declass On & About 9/11?
Building 7 Connections To Nesara
Pentagon Redacts Jab Refusal Info
Corruption Everywhere
CNN Purchased By Trump Supporter
Politico Goes Bipartisan
North Korea Passes Law Allowing Nuclear Strikes
Humanity’s Healing Process
The Coming Golden Age

Disclaimer: This podcast is for entertainment purposes only; Do your own research

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