Patriot Underground

Patriot Underground Episode 250

September 14, 2022

Pantomime Overview
Queen’s Death Analysis: King Defenseless 
Vatican Wants Money From Blackrock
Dissolution Of The Monarchy
“King” Charles’s Friendship With Jimmy Savile
14 Nations Will Become Independent Republics
Charles Hisses Like A Snake At Servants
What True Leadership Looks Like
Fake Royals Vs. Genetic Royalty 
Near Death Experience; Shattering The Illusion
Jan. 6th Rationale To Target Patriots
Living Through COG and Devolution
Necessity Of A Nuclear Standoff
Grid Failure & The Climate Change Narrative 
Flynn Will Expose Where The Bodies Are Buried
3 Letter Agency Self-Destruction 
MAGA Trump Supporters Now Deemed DVE
Numbers Comms Everywhere
Stunning Genocide Statistics
Pioneering The Future Of Humanity 

Disclaimer: This podcast is for entertainment purposes only; Do your own research

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