Patriot Underground

Patriot Underground Episode 253

September 28, 2022

Tracking The Approaching Storm
Vital Global Consensus Building  
Reverse Engineering The Hive Mind
COG: Military Safeguarding Society 
Enemy Revenue Streams Drying Up
Prepping For The Reversal Event
The Endgame Is Awakened Humanity
Italy Goes Populist
Castro Rolls Back COVID Restrictions
Defiance, Not Compliance 
Macron Removal By Military Coup?
Germany’s Controlled Demolition
BRICS GBC Displacing USD As Reserve Currency
Debt Slavery Paradigm Commentary 
DUMBs Role In Fiat System
Vatican Recalled Assets; 
Corporate Governments Bankrupt 
Russian Annex Vote Commentary 
Nordstream Pipeline Attack Analysis
The Profitability Of War
Putin Prepping For Martial Law
Clowns Predict Future Events Again
Financial Collapse Conceded Years Ago
CBDC Fraud Out Of Davos
CCP Being Taken Down From Within
Bracing For The First Arrest 

Disclaimer: This podcast is for entertainment purposes only; Do your own research Patriot Switch is dedicated to offering family-owned alternatives for items we buy and run out of our entire lives. There are many options available, and we are creating a patriot movement to take back our country and our economy.

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